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Postage Stamp Planes are a growing series of small, well detailed die-cast aeroplanes. They range from WW1 biplanes and triplanes, through WW2 fighters and bombers, and right up to modern day jets and helicopters. There is even a small selection of popular cars.

PSP models come in a variety of scales. Rather than being dictated by scale, the emphasis is on having small models of approximately the same physical size. This way they display much better when grouped on a shelf or in a display cabinet. WW2 fighters are approximately 5 - 6 inches wingspan, WW2 bombers are around 8 inch wingspan and jets about 4 - 5 inch wingspan.

PSP models are supplied in a four colour square box. This is really just a broad frame with the centre panels cut out to show the model's upper and lower surfaces. The model is contained in a sealed, clamshell style transparent plastic inner box. This not only stops tampering but protects the model from dust and damage in storage or transit.

PSP models have die-cast airframes but the stands, weapons, pitot tubes etc. may be made from plastic.

1:48 Scale
- Large 1:48 Scale Die-Cast Models

- Commercial Airliners from around the World

- Blimps and Airships

- A Selection of Cars for those Petrol Heads among us..

- Military Style Heli's

- From the 1950s to the Present Day


Racing Aircraft

Turbo Props
- Turbo Propped Aircraft

World War I
- Bi-Planes and Tri-Planes

World War II - Fighters and Bombers

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